👋 Hey there, I’m Mark Colgan

I’m an entrepreneur and revenue leader responsible for increasing revenue across a small portfolio of companies where I leverage my 13 years experience of B2B Sales, Marketing and Recruitment.

What I’m up to at the moment…

Yellow O

Yellow O helps B2B SaaS companies increase ARR through online coaching sessions aimed at unblocking bottlenecks across customer acquisition, engagement and retention.

Speak On Podcasts

Speak On Podcasts helps B2B and tech brands fuel their brand, reputation and revenue by speaking on podcasts that their audience already listens to and trusts.

The Product Onboarders

The Product Onboarders helps B2B SaaS companies increase visitor to free trial conversion rates and convert more trial users to customers through product onboarding optimizations.

Outbound Prospecting Coach

I deliver a 4-week course covering the entire Outbound Prospecting process for Sales Development Reps with 0-6 months’ experience.


TaskDrive helps sales teams scale by providing lead research, enriching existing contacts and providing account insights.

Online Speaker

Sharing advice, strategies and lessons learnt with your audience focussed on B2B Sales and Marketing via podcasts, webinars and online summits.

About me

I have over 13 years of experience in B2B Sales and Marketing (mostly SaaS) having worked at FTSE 50 companies to venture-backed startups. I actually started my career in a sales role when working as a recruitment consultant, with the added responsibility of interviewing candidates and pitching them to open roles.

But since day 1, I’ve always been focused on revenue generation, which served me well when working in Marketing and leadership roles.

In the last 3 years, I’ve personally designed and implemented Outbound Prospecting strategies that have generated millions in revenue for several B2B companies. With one campaign generating $1.2m in revenue.

Previously, as Chief Revenue Officer at TaskDrive, I oversaw 100+ outbound prospecting campaigns across our customer portfolio and have unique insights into what works and what doesn’t.

Today, I’m building a Podcast Relations Agency (SpeakOnPodcasts.com) helping entrepreneurs share their message, grow their audience, and attract inbound leads through podcast guesting.

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