When it comes to building a predictable yet simple outbound sales process, my go to channels are Email and LinkedIn.

There are two resources that I’ve created in the past that I want to share:

Webinar recording – Building A Lean, Mean, Lead Generation Machine With Outbound Prospecting. 

In this webinar, we’ll be taking a deep dive into how Prospecting fits into the Outbound Sales process and how SaaS founders, entrepreneurs, and freelance/consultants can design and deploy their own Lead Generation Machines to build a repeatable and scalable sales process.

To build a Lean, Mean, Lead Generating Machine we will cover:

  • The importance of developing your Ideal Customer Profile and Buyer Personas
  • Adding personalization through research
  • Crafting compelling messaging
  • Selecting the correct cadence for outreach
  • The tools and setup required to build your lead generating machine

You can also see the recommended software and additional reading suggestions that I have included that
has helped me in the past.

Another important thing to remember with outbound sales is that the number one point of it all is to start a conversation, not close a deal.

So in the beginning you should not be pitching your product in a cold email.

What you should do instead is understand whether this prospect has a need or are facing a challenge that you can help with.

Then you should also follow up with your cold emails several times, delivering further value in those emails.

Many companies fail to send enough follow up messages.

These messages shouldn’t just be saying:


Just seeing if you got my last email?”



You haven’t replied to my last email so I’m bumping this up to the top of your inbox

So I’m sending this again”

☝️ is pure laziness. And it doesn’t make the people feel great that they haven’t replied to your email.

You need to think about the challenges that your prospects have and then help them overcome those challenges by providing additional content.

This could be your content. Or it could be from a non-competing company that helps them overcome the challenge.

For example, if I’m targeting Sales Directors or VP of Sales, I know that they have challenges when it comes to hiring Sales Development Reps.

So I might go and find some content that a recruitment or training company has created about hiring sales reps and then share that with them in the email.

To recap, the key takeaways for outbound sales are:

  1. Don’t pitch your product.
  2. Follow up more, but offer value.

Another resource that I’d like to share with you is a webinar I recorded quite recently called Selling With Empathy – The Playbook On How To Sell Without Feeling Like You Are Selling In 2020.

In this webinar, we discuss Social Selling. The premises is to show up, give value and build your brand as a trusted advisor – especially in times like these.

I was joined by Viveka von Rosen who shared specifically how you can optimise and use your profile to help you in the sales process on LinkedIn.

I covered the playbook and steps to follow when selling, so it doesn’t feel like selling.

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